📝 Staking Intro

Introduction on Galactic Union

As the best Yield Farm project on Polygon, Galactic Union Staking is developed on the Galactic Union IDO platform. When you stake GU tokens, you will be allowed to join in buying IDO on the Galactic Union platform and start earning profits every second!

What you get as a Investor

Stable passive income and high APR are things that you will definitely grasp in your hand. Just by possessing Galactic Union (GU) token, you can start making profits every second just by staking at our platform!

What you get as a Promoter

In the 5-level affiliate program, you will receive a reward worthy of your efforts when attracting participants. Of course, the number of rewards and reward ratio will also rise with the number of people you invite. You may earn up to 6% from each deposit of users that you have invited.

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About Staking

High-interest rates are the most attractive feature when you stake MATIC to earn MATIC

And the Staking Plan

Earnings are generated every sec, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. You can withdraw funds at the end of the delegation period

A minimum amount of 100 GU is required for staking.


This is the smartcontract open source - https:/

The reason for choosing Polygon (MATIС)

As you can easily see for yourself, Polygon is currently the best platform for all users. Its name is associated with the highest quality projects, the largest community of Defi users. It also offers the lowest gas fees and provides the fastest transaction speed.

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