📋 About the Galactic Union (GU) Platform

As the main network GU platform chose Polygon (MATIC). The choice is due to the set of solutions that Polygon (MATIC) network offers, namely

• High degree of scalability, due to the use of a decentralized mechanism Plasma.

• High transaction processing speed (up to 65,000 transfers per second).

• Usability. Smooth transition from main blockchain to sidechain.

• Proprietary mobile apps and systems that support Wallet Connect.

• High level of security by implementing a system of delegates and stackers to protect the network.

• Compatibility with other crypto-assets.

• Support for DeFi (decentralized financial applications).

• Low cost of gas charges

About the Galactic Union (GU) Platform

Galactic Union (GU) is an educational platform project where community members can share their knowledge, put it into practice and monetize their knowledge within one platform.

Constructed by developers and for the users.

Galactic Union (GU) is a combination of the best training, practice, freelance projects and turns them into a complete ecosystem.

Galactic Union (GU) was created to solve problems of accessibility of relevant information, such as high censorship of relevant knowledge or the lack of relevant information in one place, without distorting the latter. It is a universal eco-system of the new generation, which is designed to combine current developments such as linkedin. com, freelance, TrainingWare Class, etc. Nevertheless, it has at least three main outstanding advantages:

• Galactic Union (GU) allows you to take full advantage of blockchain technology

• Galactic Union (GU) inherently provides a safer environment

• Galactic Union (GU) offers a more open and powerful world for participants

Things to overcome

Although we chose this area - as a base for the development of the platform, to date, platforms that are presented on the Internet, have a number of significant drawbacks.

• The information offered is not always up-to-date and is subject to filtering by both corporations and the owners of the resources on which it is posted.

• Closure of information for political economic and other reasons.

• It is not convenient to pay for knowledge and receive funds for the work done (control of the banking sector)

There are many projects that are exploring ways to overcome these factors, looking for ways to reduce these disadvantages, but making the most of the current developments in the old banking system and Internet 2.0. Nevertheless, developers still have significant challenges to overcome, as there are no ready-made solutions in the area of openness and accessibility of information, nor a protocol for combining them. This is also a major reason for the fragmentation of the education, hiring and practice ecosystem.

This is how.

We are pleased to introduce the Galactic Union (GU) ecosystem. It is a platform that aims to create and connect blockchain technology in education, labor and business simulators.

• Allow users to share knowledge and experience with just ONE click

• We offer a growing set of modules that can be used to develop and expand the ecosystem into a complete Meta universe with real-world application knowledge.

• Focus on a modular system with a high level of "security as a service".

• All the benefits of blockchain technology.

What it offers

All the best that is available on the Internet in the field of education and recruitment is collected in Galactic Union (GU) in the form of an attractive set of modules created by developers and for users.

Module for info businessmen

The ability to conveniently, quickly prepare training material within our ecosystem.

Business simulators

Exclusive and dedicated business simulators will allow you to quickly and effectively learn what you have learned in practice. This process will give people the opportunity, while working to play, as well as receive certification in NFT format at the end of the practice.

Module for Freelancers

All the knowledge gained can be monetized within the platform.


All results of activity on the platform are protected by blockchain technology.

User Experience

Adaptation for Web3, "minimum gas" transactions, immediate (deterministic) transaction completeness


Provide additional powerful customizability, expandability and upgradeability, reduce time to market and improve community collaboration.

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