🚀Roadmap 2023-2024

clarification of goals in the roadmap

Roadmap with adjustments to goals for 2023

Q1 2023

  • Launch of the business simulator "Balance" PC version + Mobile levels: Beginner, Amateur, Pro

  • Launch of the platform (Bulletin Board)

  • Community growth up to 50K on Twitter and 70K on the channel

  • Unlock coins sold on IDO

  • Partner program to promote the Business Simulator

Q2 2023

  • Launch of the NFT collection for Business simulators

  • Launch of the Literature Section

  • Community growth up to 100K on Twitter and 150K on the channel

  • Unlocking Airdrop coins (blocking those who have not fulfilled the conditions)

  • Translation of the site into three languages Chinese, Indian, Arabic

  • Presentation of P2P exchange on

Q3 2023

  • Launch of the mini-game section (farm clone)

  • Launch of the Launchpad section

  • Community growth up to 150K on Twitter and 200K on the channel

  • Website translation into three languages Spanish, French, German

  • Presentation of the Simulator for the development of telegram bot

Q4 2023

  • Launch of Freelance on the basis of a bulletin board

  • Launch of the Brand Shop Section

  • Community growth up to 200K on Twitter and 250K on the channel

  • Press releases on top sites

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